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Are you a senior who is looking to make a difference to others in your community?

Interested in attending social functions ? Want to give feed back to help improve valuable services? We need your participation and feedback to do this. We’d love to hear from you.

Welcome To Senior Help Ottawa

Are you a senior (or loved one of an Ottawa senior) looking for help?

“Senior Help Ottawa” (SHO) is a group of leading individuals unique in our fields whose mission is to help boomers, seniors and their families in their daily living with compassion and integrity. To helpfully, efficiently and effectively achieve this, we have compiled a one-stop shop for Boomers, seniors, and their families to reach the “right” people for help they can trust.

What is the Goal of Senior Help Ottawa?

SHO provides an opportunity for two-way dialogue between members and seniors from the community thus ensuring valuable feedback from seniors to businesses. This feedback will assist businesses to grow and evolve in a way that better meets the needs of seniors.

A Word About Aging, Labels and Euphemisms..............

No one quite knows what to call people in the upper decades of life, people whose extent and size of life experiences makes them distinct from other population groups. It seems that there is a vast array of terms used in an attempt to find the ‘proper’ one. These range from words meant to be warm and fuzzy at one end of the spectrum to those at the other end that are meant to be objective and neutral but end up sounding rather technical like a biological specimen and not very human! In between these extremes we can find politically correct euphemisms which can easily become politically incorrect.
Julia Keller, cultural critic for the Chicago Tribune  reminds us that “….no group worth its salt can be salted away in the confining cupboards of euphemism.” And concludes that the fact that most every label for older folks feels wrong is, in the course of things, perfectly right.
All this is to say that Senior Help Ottawa(SHO) apologizes if we have not adequately described those that we aim to help.

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Are you a service provider who believes you have the right stuff to serve the senior community in Ottawa? Come out to one of our networking sessions and meet other members. To be listed on our site, you must be endorsed by other members and provide senior client references.

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